Brooke McVey, RDN

Brooke McVey is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from Brigham Young University and a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition at San Francisco State University. She completed her accredited dietetic internship through North Oaks Medical Center in Louisiana.

Originally working in commercial photography, Brooke transitioned to a career in dietetics after grappling with her own digestive issues. At that time, Brooke underwent various tests and medical consultations, yet the cause of her gastrointestinal distress remained elusive. Through her own research, she uncovered the vital role nutrition can play in addressing and alleviating digestive issues. Today, she takes great satisfaction in guiding patients through their own journeys to digestive well-being.

A proud Wyomingite, Brooke enjoys spending her spare time outdoors. You can often find her exploring hiking trails, honing her archery skills, paddle-boarding on Colorado’s lakes, or immersing herself in yoga.