Conditions & Procedures

We are experts in every aspect of gastroenterology, from simple internal hemorrhoid banding and minimally invasive colonoscopy screenings to hepatobiliary pancreatic disease and complex liver disease management.

Whether it be in one of our five Endoscopy Centers or at area hospitals throughout the greater Denver metro area, our physicians regularly perform nearly 30,000 GI-related procedures each year.

Conditions We Treat

We are experts in disorders and diseases of the digestive tract and regularly treat diverse conditions.

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Colonoscopy & Upper Endoscopy

Colon cancer is one of the most preventive cancers of today. Regular screenings can save lives.

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RMG Gastroenterologists perform nearly 30,000 procedures each year.

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Pain Management

Propofol offers many advantages as a sedative in our procedures.

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Innovation drives our practice.

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Expert Pathology

Committed to providing specialized, high-quality laboratory results quickly.

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Clinical Research Studies

Our Gastroenterologists regularly conduct wide-ranging clinical trials and research.

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