Innovation drives our practice. We use the most-advanced techniques and approaches available to preventing and treating colon cancer and other GI diseases in order to promote optimal digestive health.

Our clinics and Endoscopy Centers are outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment in order to provide you with the very best care and service available. The latest inclusion of this is CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) Insufflation used during colonoscopy procedures. Although the most common GI practice is to use air instead of CO2, numerous studies have proven that using CO2 results in less pain and shorter recovery period for the patient following the procedure. An in-house study revealed a dramatic decrease in abdominal distention, pain, bloating and cramping.

More of the leading-edge technology we employ at our facilities includes single and double balloon enteroscopy, Barrx treatment for Barrett’s esophagus, and the CRH-O’Regan System for the removal of internal hemorrhoids.

We also offer comprehensive full-service manometry testing. Done in the convenience of our offices, our skilled staff harnesses this technology to perform esophageal function testing, anorectal manometry, reflux testing, pelvic floor retraining and high-resolution impedence manometry.

Through our cutting-edge pathology laboratory we can deliver critical, specialized results in just hours.

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