Procedure Prep Instructions

Treating you with the utmost compassion and respect during your upcoming procedure is paramount to all of us at RMG. The individual prep process is critical to the quality of your outcome.

Detailed prep instructions for your procedure can be found below.

If your doctor has suggested the Miralax / Dulcolax prep for your colonoscopy – those supplies can be purchased at your local store over the counter. 

If your doctor has suggested the SuPrep or SuTab prep for your colonoscopy – those require a prescription.               

 If you are using SuPrep to prepare for your colonoscopy, you can also click here to watch a video about procedure prep.

If you are diabetic, please be sure to read through the DIABETIC MEDICATION INSTRUCTION sheet provided.

If the prep instructions for your specific procedure do not appear, or if you have additional questions about your prep procedures, please contact the individual RMG location where your appointment is scheduled.​