Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen on my first office appointment?

During your first office appointment, you can meet with a provider, explain your symptoms, and ask questions. The paperwork may be downloaded and filled out prior to your visit to minimize wait times. We ask patients to arrive approximately 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment.

** If you are coming for abnormal blood test or X-Rays, please have copies of the abnormal results or make sure your primary care doctor has forwarded them to the appropriate office location prior to your appointment.

What should I do if I am not able to tolerate my colon prep?

Please contact our prep center for any prep concerns or visit the procedure prep page on our website.

Am I allowed to take my regular medications prior to my procedure?

If you are NOT on blood thinners, please continue with regular medications prior to the procedure.

If you ARE on blood thinners AND/OR Aspirin, you will be contacted prior to your procedure with further instructions.

If you are diabetic, you will be contacted prior to your procedure with modified instructions.

I am a diabetic. Are there special instructions regarding my prep?

Yes, our preps vary if you are insulin dependent or not insulin dependent.

Can I proceed with my procedure if I am on antibiotics?

Yes, depending on type of infection. In cases of severe respiratory infections or fever, you will need to contact your procedure location for further instruction.

Can I proceed with my procedure while on my menstrual cycle?


Why do I need to be on a clear liquid diet the entire day prior to my colonoscopy?

A clear liquid diet is necessary the entire day prior to your procedure to ensure a quality prep and a better area to scope for the physicians to give you the best care possible. If the colon is not sufficiently prepped, you may need to reschedule your colonoscopy.

** If you have not completed your prep or have eaten solid foods, please contact the endoscopy center directly for further instructions.

Will I be sedated for my procedure?

Yes, you will be sedated for your procedure, and comfortable throughout. The type of sedation you may receive may vary based on your medical risk factors and insurance coverage.

** Propofol is the most widely used sedation.

Can I have my colonoscopy and EGD at the same time?

Your colonoscopy and EGD may be done at the same time, depending on your insurance coverage. However, many insurance plans require your colonoscopy and EGD to be done on separate visits. You will be notified of you coverage prior to you procedure.

How soon will I know the results of my procedure?

Your doctor will speak with you directly after your procedure regarding the findings of the procedure. If there were biopsies done or polyps removed, additional information regarding the pathology is generally available within 4 to 10 days.

The easiest way to get your results is through the Patient Portal, where patients can access all records and findings of their procedures. You may also be contacted through phone or letter.

Can I work the day after my procedure?


Can I eat after the procedure?


Will I need to worry about pain management after my procedure?

You should not have significant abdominal pain after the procedure.

If you do have significant abdominal pain after your procedure, please contact your endoscopy facility.

How long will my procedure take and how long will I be at your facility?

The procedure itself will take about 30 minutes. You can expect to be at the endoscopy center for around 2 hours or the hospital for around 3 hours.

How much notice is needed to cancel my appointment?

We appreciate as much notice as possible. No-show appointments and same-day cancellations in our clinic will be assessed a $75 service charge. No-show appointments and same-day cancellations in our procedure centers will be assessed a $150 service charge.