Quality & Outcomes

There continues to be national consensus on the importance of colonoscopy quality measures, including the quality of preparation (colon cleanliness), completeness of the exam, polyp detection rates, and patient comfort. Rocky Mountain Gastroenterology consistently meets or exceeds national benchmarks in every measure of colonoscopy quality, including polyp detection rates.


National Benchmark


Exams Completed by the Cecum 84% 98%
Adenoma (precancerous polyp) Detection Rate 29% 36%
Total Major Complications Compared to Total Procedures .0028%* .0018%
Total Perforations Compared to Total Procedures 0.3%* .0015%
*American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Study, 2011 

Rocky Mountain Gastroenterology began tracking quality measures in 2007 to ensure that our patients receive the highest quality of care. A quality measure is information from a patient’s record or an operational process that is converted into a rate, percentage or time that shows how well providers are taking care of their patients.  Fully developed and tested measures are only available for reporting on some of the most common conditions or processes of care.

RMG measures total complications, which includes the number of perforations and post-polypectomy bleeds, as well as colonoscopy exams completed to the cecum and the precancerous polyp-detection rate. These measures are compared to national benchmarking provided by 13 other Gastroenterology practices nationwide. RMG has very successful outcomes, and presentation of this data to the public will assist patients to make the best choice for their health care.

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