Chest Pain (Non-Cardiac)

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

Seek Treatment for Non-Cardiac Chest Pain

Non-cardiac chest pain can be scary and make many patients feel like they’re having a heart attack. Chronic chest pain often feels like it’s in the heart when it’s actually in the esophagus. Our specialists at Rocky Mountain Gastroenterology provide non-cardiac chest pain diagnosis and treatment to our Colorado patients. Our physician-owned practice has multiple offices, state-of-the-art Endoscopy Centers, and a specialized pathology laboratory to help patients in Colorado with their digestive health.

Non-Cardiac Chest Pain vs. Heart Attack

Many people do not know the difference between non-cardiac chest pain and a heart attack. Non-cardiac chest pain symptoms typically include a recurring pain in your chest that is often behind your breast bone near your heart. Most patients feel painful squeezing or tightness in the chest. It’s critical to take any chest pain seriously and go to the emergency room if your pain is sudden or lasts longer than five minutes. Non-cardiac chest pain often stops and then returns, interrupting your daily life. It’s essential to contact our digestive specialists to determine the cause.

Causes of Non-Cardiac Chest Pain

Many causes of chest pain are not related to your heart. The most common causes of non-cardia chest pain include:

  • Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) –GERD is most often indicated by heartburn.
  • Pleurisy –Pleurisy is the inflammation of the thin layers of tissue covering the lungs and the chest wall.
  • Injury – Injuries like broken ribs sometimes cause chest pain.
  • Increased Activity – Chest wall pain is often caused by increased exercise.
  • Esophageal Muscle Spasms – Abnormal contractions cause muscle spasms in the esophagus.

Non-Cardiac Chest Pain Diagnosis

Any type of chest pain diagnosis begins with a complete physical exam to measure your heart rate, vital signs, and blood pressure. Screening tests for heart disease or a heart attack include an electrocardiogram (EKG) and blood tests. After a heart attack is ruled out, our gastroenterologists will determine the cause of your non-cardiac chest pain. We test for GERD and other digestive issues with an endoscopy of your upper GI tract, monitor your pH levels with a catheter, and X-rays.

Non-Cardiac Chest Pain Treatments

We customize your treatment to the cause of your non-cardiac chest pain. The most common non-cardiac chest paint treatments include:

  • Acid Reflux Treatment – The most commonly used medicine to treat GERD includes Proton-pump inhibitors (PPI) that reduce the amount of stomach acid to allow acidic corrosion to heal.
  • Pain Blockers – We can prescribe pain blockers to prevent pain signals in your chest area.
  • Lifestyle Changes – Many patients see a significant difference in chest pain when they change eating habits and maintain a healthy routine.
  • Therapy – Talk therapy can help patients find relief from chronic stress and anxiety.

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Non-cardiac chest pain can lead to unwanted stress and a lower quality of life. Finding the root of your chest pain and treating it as soon as possible is critical. With the help of our specialists at Rocky Mountain Gastroenterology, you can live without chest pain. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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