Hydrogen Breath Test

A man having Hydrogen Breath Test in Rocky Mountain Gastroenterology at Littleton, CO
A hydrogen breath test is used to diagnose digestive problems in individuals such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) or food intolerances. This simple test uses a breath sample and analyzes the hydrogen expelled from the body to determine the amount of unabsorbed food in the colon.
Large amounts of hydrogen in the analysis indicate there is a problem with the digestion or absorption of food in the small intestine. This leads to and unusual increase in the amount of unabsorbed food reaching the colon. A hydrogen breath test is a non-invasive, simple test that is performed after a period of fasting, typically 8-12 hours.
If you are experiencing digestive issues, call or schedule an appointment online with an RMG physician to see if the hydrogen breath test might be right for you.
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