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Rocky Mountain Gastroenterology Associates offers double-balloon enteroscopy at St. Anthony’s Hospital to Lakewood, CO and beyond. As leading professionals in our field, we have what it takes to deliver the support you need to get back to living your life without worry. If you’re having issues with your small bowel, it’s in your best interest to reach out to our specialists for the help you deserve. Learn more about our double-balloon enteroscopy procedure and why our gastroenterology clinic has been the region’s first choice since 1997.

What is a Double-Balloon Enteroscopy?

A double-balloon enteroscopy is an endoscopic procedure performed by our seasoned gastroenterologists to examine an individual’s small bowel without the need for invasive surgery. It is the first endoscopic technique that allows for the entire gastrointestinal tract to be visualized in real-time. Our physicians use a balloon at the end of a special endoscope camera and a tube that fits over the endoscope (known as an overtube). The overtube is equipped with a balloon, which is inserted into the mouth and passed through the digestive system to the small bowel. Until fairly recently, the small bowel was challenging to access, making most treatments to the area surgical. Today, you can rest assured our team has the knowledge and skill to address whatever bowel issues you may be facing.

What to Expect from a Double-Balloon Enteroscopy Procedure

When you call on Rocky Mountain Gastroenterology Associates for a double-balloon enteroscopy, you’ll be in highly capable hands from start to finish. Though you’ll never have to worry about accessing the support you need, we want you to be well-informed about what you can expect out of this innovative solution. The procedure will involve the use of a special enteroscope, along with an overtube that is fitted with a balloon. You will be comfortably sedated on your left side while the enteroscope and overtube are carefully inserted into your mouth. From here, it will be swallowed so it can travel through the esophagus and out the bottom of the stomach into the small bowel.

The Benefits of a Double-Balloon Enteroscopy

There are a plethora of benefits associated with a double-balloon enteroscopy. Though other small bowel imaging techniques can be helpful, none compare to the capabilities of a double-balloon enteroscopy. The advantages of receiving this minimally-invasive procedure include the following:

  • It gives our professionals the ability to obtain a visualization of the entire small bowel.
  • Our skilled physicians can perform double-balloon enteroscopy treatments without the need for invasive surgery.
  • Double-balloon enteroscopy is efficient at removing polyps, placing a stent, obtaining a tumor’s biopsy, dilating a stricture, and cauterizing an active bleed.
  • Foreign objects can be identified and removed this way.

What to Expect During a Double-Balloon Enteroscopy?

When you call on our seasoned team for a double-balloon enteroscopy, our professionals will listen to your concerns and find the best way to address them. We will explain how this procedure can address the issues you’re facing within your small bowel, so you feel well informed when making this critical decision. Our team will let you know if you should prepare to stop or adjust any medications ahead of time. If the procedure is done through the mouth, it is recommended that patients do not eat or drink anything after midnight before the enteroscopy. If the process is done through the rectum, patients will need to undergo bowel prep with one of our doctors’ help. Depending on the therapy required, the procedure will typically take around 60 to 90 minutes.

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If you’re a Lakewood, CO resident who would benefit from a double-balloon enteroscopy, contact the renowned team at Rocky Mountain Gastroenterology Associates. We have what it takes to address the small bowel issues you’re facing so you can get back to living your best life. We look forward to improving your overall health with our services.

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